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Condensation damp proofing treatments in Brighton require a specialist approach. There are many traditional and modern methods to deal with condensation, such as the installation of an efficient ventilation system or using a chemical damp proof course (DPC). The efficacy of these solutions largely depends on the severity of the problem and its location within the property. A surveyor should be consulted to properly assess any condensation issue prior to deciding on the most suitable treatment.

Brighton residents dealing with condensation issues need to consult a specialist for advice. Traditional and contemporary approaches exist, including creating an effective ventilation system or employing a chemical DPC. The efficiency of each option is contingent upon both how severe the problem is and where it’s situated in the premises. Prior to choosing, an inspector should be employed for an accurate assessment of condensation concerns.

Brighton’s Finest Damp Treatment Experts

An examination is the initial measure for resolving any damp issues in your home. At Brighton Damp Treatments, our damp proofing team will not invent problems to make a profit; we only identify valid dampness and provide useful solutions at an affordable cost.

Our damp-proofing experts can assess your property, compile a detailed survey of moisture and timber damage, and advise on the most suitable repair solution. Our surveyors are approved by the Property Care Association (PCA). At Brighton Damp Treatments, we provide a vast selection of damp proofing treatments with the assurance that our cost-effective repairs are backed by thirty years’ guarantees.

Our damp proofing specialists can accurately diagnose any issues you may have with penetrating, rising, dry or wet rot as well as timber treatments and condensation control. We’ll conduct a thorough survey and provide professional solutions to give you assurance for the future.

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Our Guarantee

  • upto 30 year guarantee
  • customer focused team
  • 20 years combined experience
  • portfolio of satified customers
  • attention to detail
  • Construction line accreditation
  • public liability insurance
  • CHAS accreditation

What is Condensation?

Condensation is a common type of dampness. When warm air meets a cold surface, it loses its capacity to retain water, which is then released as condensation. This commonly happens on non-absorbent surfaces such as bathroom tiles, windows and mirrors. Condensation often occurs in homes with inadequate ventilation.

What Causes Condensation in the Home?

As the air in a warm environment is heated, it loses some of its humidity when it meets with a cooler surface. This causes condensation to form on the surface.

The Impact of Condensation on the Environment

Condensation can cause long-term damage to interior walls and paint. Moisture on the walls can accumulate during winter, causing paint to peel and lift.

Our Condensation Control Solutions

Brighton Damp Treatment Experts provide numerous solutions for condensation, dependent on the cause of your difficulty. Spelling and grammar are corrected, redundancy and repetition eliminated, to achieve a professional, amiable tone in the style of Hemingway. Injecting a chemical damp proof course is one of the most effective and swiftest condensation remedies. Through this method, a silicone-cream is injected into drilled gaps. The chemicals penetrate the masonry, creating a waterproof block. This approach has an advantage in that it can be used on walls saturated with water. Anti-damp paints can be used after the cause of dampness has been addressed. This discourages mould growth.

Understanding DPC Injection: How Does It Work?

A silicone-based solution is injected into a series of holes drilled along the base of a wall affected by rising damp in order to form a chemical damp-proof course. Contrary to a common belief, a chemical DPC does not create an impenetrable physical blockage. Chemical damp-proofing is, however, an efficient way of filling the gaps in brick walls with a water repellent silicone compound. This silicone lining reduces the charge attraction between brick particles and water molecules, reducing adhesive forces to levels equal to cohesive force.

An injection applicator is utilised to insert a silicone-based damp-proofing cream into twelve millimetre holes drilled in the bed joint. The DPC cream diffuses rapidly before curing, forming a water repellent barrier that combats rising dampness in brick and masonry walls. The key to keeping damp under control in residences is the injection of a damp-proof course. This technique is highly reliable and simple to carry out.

Contact Brighton Damp Treatments today. We offer a wide range of services to cater to your damp-related needs. Our team of experienced professionals has over 10 years’ experience in the field, making us an ideal choice for any job. Get in touch now and let us help you find the right solution for your property! Call our Brighton Damp Treatments team now for a free quote, consultation and advice. We are here to help you find the perfect solution to your damp problem!

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How Long Does an Injected DPC Last?

A top-notch DPC injection, correctly applied, can last two decades or longer. We trust that it will be installed by a qualified expert.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Condensation Fixed in My Home?

The cost of rectifying condensation depends on the magnitude of the issue. Numerous components determine the expenditure involved in tackling a damp problem, such as size, architecture of property, source of dampness and materials needed.

Don’t hesitate to contact our skilled team to arrange a survey and have one of our amiable personnel examine the property, understanding the scenario completely in order to provide you with the most economical quote. For your initial consultation survey, please phone us on 01273 920588.

Brighton Damp Solutions: Tackling Moisture Problems

Our experts boast a decade of experience providing damp proofing in Brighton and its surrounding locales. If you are having problems with damp, please don’t hesitate to call our specialist team on 01273 920588 for an appointment. Upon following our guidelines, one of our experienced surveyors will conduct an in-depth assessment and provide a quotation, along with treatment proposals.

If you choose to employ our damp proofing services, we have a whole team of experts with an extensive repertoire in dealing with issues such as dry rot and woodworm, wet rot, wood rot, basement waterproofing, internal moisture, rain penetration and condensation control for both commercial properties and personal residences.

Don’t Put Off Addressing Damp Issues

If you find damp in your property, it’s important to act quickly. If not treated, this can result in major issues for the occupants and the building itself.

Not only is damp aesthetically unappealing, but it has the potential to cause severe damage to a structure’s stability and could even lead to respiratory problems among those with existing difficulties.

If you experience damp caused by condensation, guttering or pipes leaking, contact our specialist team right away to rectify the issue promptly.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and offering a wealth of knowledge which has been instrumental in our achievements.

Why Choose Brighton Damp Treatments?

We maintain exemplary standards in damp proofing, re-plastering, wood preservation and undertake damp surveys with expertise.

Reach out to us for customised, competent and dependable damp proofing treatment and repair services for homes, local authorities, small firms and commercial property owners. Get in touch today on 01273 920588 to talk with a helpful team member about your requirements.

Benefits of Brighton Damp Treatments

CSSW and CSRT surveyors conducted a survey to determine the number of participants who had experienced certain events. They found that 11 out of 25 individuals had encountered these occurrences.

Surveyors from CSSW and CSRT carried out research to uncover how many people had experienced certain situations. The results showed that 11 from 25 individuals were familiar with them.

  • Members of the PCA who have won awards are highly regarded.
  • The members of the PCA who have garnered accolades are held in high esteem.
  • Expertise is provided by our team of qualified technicians.
  • We have over two decades of collective experience.
  • Our Products Come with a 30-Year Guarantee

Our work is guaranteed with our company warranties for your protection and peace of mind. We are original members of the Guarantee Protection Scheme, an unbiased policy that covers the length of your warranty if desired.

No commitment site damp surveys are available on request. These involve an inspection of your property to assess the level of dampness and identify any potential causes. The survey will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations for remedial action if required. It also includes cost estimates for any works necessary to eradicate the problem.

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