Causes of Damp Walls

Increasing Humidity Levels

High moisture content inside a building or its structure can cause damp walls. Rising damp is one of the issues that affects your walls. Water from the ground penetrates via capillary action, which is called rising damp. Other kinds of water penetration may move around differently, but it’s not considered rising damp. Installing a chemical DPC is the only way to rectify this issue.

Rising damp is a frequent issue in many types of buildings, though it is frequently misunderstood. For proper assessment and remediation, Brighton Damp Treatments – a specialist firm – should be consulted. They are able to detect the problem and provide an enduring fix.

Investigating Penetrating Damp in Buildings

Penetrating dampness is one of the most damaging issues you may face in your home. This type of damp, also known as rain penetration, happens when water penetrates from outside.

Water infiltration can usually be identified and addressed with low-cost solutions. Our capable damp-proofing team will assess and resolve any penetrating moisture issues.

Understanding Condensation

Condensation is a frequent cause of high humidity in many areas, especially bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, and bedrooms. Warm moist air coming into contact with cold surfaces produces water on the walls’ surface. It’s important to note that this issue can arise even far from the source of water vapour; for instance, vapour produced in a bathroom or kitchen may spread throughout the house and condense onto cool bedroom walls. Condensation happens more often during colder months when there is greater water vapour content in the air. Furthermore it’s worth noting that Black Mould can only grow on pure water such as what forms through condensation – not an indication of increasing moisture levels.

Identifying and Rectifying Construction Errors

Internal dampness may be caused by a variety of factors, such as broken or missing mortar in exterior walls, damaged stone window sills, inadequate sealing around doors and windows, and inadequately maintained wooden doors and windows.

Plumbing Troubleshooting

A small plumbing leak can cause a sizable and substantial damp patch; the water escape may be miniscule, but it is generally consistent and focused in one spot. The area absorbs more moisture than it can dissipate due to persistent drenching, and thus the surplus seeps into nearby areas.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage with Regular Gutter Maintenance

If you’ve noticed a damp spot in your home or garden, it could be because of malfunctioning guttering. Gutters can cause moisture buildup when most of the system is blocked with dirt and grime.

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Damp Proofing Services
Protect Your Property from Moisture Damage

It is essential to treat and rectify damp walls. If left untreated, they can cause long-term damage to the structure of a building. This includes mould growth which can lead to health issues such as respiratory problems and allergies in people living within the property. Furthermore, if not addressed quickly enough, it may result in cracking, peeling paint and rot – causing further deterioration of the wall’s stability. Existing dampness in a property can have numerous drawbacks and cause issues not only for the building’s structure and wellbeing. Mould may form, leading to respiratory conditions if breathed in according to medical professionals.

Those with pre-existing breathing difficulties are particularly at risk. Brighton Damp Treatments provides a range of moisture proofing solutions, such as a damp proof course (DPC), which helps minimise rising damp by controlling capillary action from increasing moisture levels, thus preventing damage to walls.

A damp proof membrane (DPM) is an effective barrier against moisture. It consists of a polyethene material placed below a sheet of concrete which acts as protection from rain and other forms of water. The cement used, such as shotcrete, provides resistance to pressure, moisture and water. Cavity walls are designed to prevent the entry of water between the external and internal walls while pressure grouting is utilised to close any gaps in masonry surfaces. For professional advice on your building’s damp related issues contact Brighton Damp Treatments or call 01273 920588 to speak with one of our experienced damp proofing specialists who can provide you with an economical solution tailored for your needs.

Can High Humidity Lead to Structural Damage?

Damp can damage the structural integrity of a building. Mortar may crumble, leaving white salt marks, and corroding steel and iron fixings further weakens the structure. In extreme cases, walls may lose their mortar or plaster. Moisture also has secondary consequences; excessive humidity encourages fungal growth in wood (causing wood rot) with subsequent health problems like sick building syndrome. Humidity accelerates deterioration of paint and wallpaper peeling too.

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Act Now to Treat and Repair Damp Walls!

If you detect moisture in your home, take action quickly; otherwise, the occupants and the building could experience serious repercussions. Aside from the visual discomfort it brings, dampness can cause considerable structural damage to a property’s foundation and endanger its integrity if not tackled promptly. It can also attest that it may lead to breathing problems, especially for those who already have them.

If dampness is present in your building for any reason, it’s essential to contact our damp proofing services without delay. Unaddressed, the consequences can be far-reaching – from mould growth to structural damage.

The paint on the wall is beginning to peel away.

Dry and wet rot are types of wood decay caused by fungi. Dry rot is the more serious problem, with its spores capable of travelling through masonry in search of new sources of wood to infect. Wet rot, meanwhile, typically affects timber that has become damp due to poor ventilation or inadequate protection from rainwater. Both cause weakening and crumbling of wooden structures as they consume vital moisture and nutrients in the timber.

  • Cracked plaster is deteriorating.
  • The floorboards and skirting boards were warped.
  • Fasteners and rusty steel. The fasteners were corroded, their once bright steel now dulled by rust.

If you have a flooded property, are facing damp issues, or concerned about condensation, allow Brighton Damp Treatments to identify and treat your building’s problems. We provide an economical long-term solution.

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Damp Wall Treatment & Repair: Pricing Information

Treatment, repair and damp proofing costs are dependent on numerous elements, such as the property’s size, design, type of dampness and materials used.

Give us a ring on 01273 920588 to arrange for a damp and timber survey. Our competent team will take the time to inspect your property and accurately assess the situation so that we can give you an economical quote. One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

Why Opt for Brighton Damp Treatments?

Brighton Damp Treatments: Expert Damp Proofing Solutions

Brighton Damp Treatments is a property preservation organisation boasting an experienced squad of damp-proofing specialists. Our commitment to delivering top-notch, dependable services, bolstered by lasting guarantees, makes us the go-to for those in need of reliable solutions.

No matter the damp issue your property faces, our experienced surveyors are equipped to identify and suggest the most cost-efficient solution. We guarantee satisfaction with a money-back assurance and an extensive 30 year warranty. If you have spotted any damp walls or wet stains, contact our friendly team on 01273 920588 for a property inspection.

Ensuring Superior Customer Experience

Our firm’s standing is of great significance to us, as evidenced by our favourable customer reviews and industry accolades. We strive to guarantee every new patron a delightful experience that they are willing to tell others about; in fact, more than half of our new customers come from referrals.

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