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It is probable that water is seeping in from the exterior if one notices damp patches, discolouration or staining on their floor, as well as squeaky floorboards. Malfunctioning pipes and damage to the external insulation are potential causes of moisture build-up. Brighton Damp Treatments can help resolve any issue related to humidity.

Don’t let moisture damage your home. Prompt action is necessary, as water can corrode a house’s structure and cause hazardous mould.

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Identifying the Reasons for Damp Floors

Increase in Moisture Levels

Water travelling upwards through porous material in contact with the ground is known as rising damp. Air drying on upper surfaces creates a wick, drawing water up from the ground by capillary action and evaporating it into the atmosphere. The moisture rises until gravity takes over, unless evaporation occurs first.

When the damp proof course of a building fails or is blocked by high ground, rising damp can occur. During construction, an impermeable layer (damp proof course) is added to the structure. Water from underneath flows up through the brickwork and plaster drawing with it dissolved nitrates, chlorides and other hygroscopic salts which accumulate in the wall as they evaporate. These salts then easily absorb moisture from their surroundings.

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The Problem of Penetrating Damp

As water from the ground rises, dissolved nitrates, chlorides and other salts (hygroscopic ground salts) accumulate in the brickwork and plaster. These hygroscopic ground salts quickly absorb moisture from their environment as they dissolve. As evaporation occurs, more of these salts are left behind in the wall.

The elevated humidity within a wall often leads to wood rot in neighbouring timbers. Even when the rising damp is treated, the plaster will remain moist or contaminated – thus necessitating its removal during the process of rectifying high moisture levels. Moisture penetration in walls above ground level can be caused by a range of factors, including wind-driven rain. Depending on the direction of the rain, this might be beyond a property owner’s control. However, it may result in moisture flowing downwards within the structure.

Wind-driven rain cannot be managed in terms of direction or intensity, yet its infiltration into a structure and possible resulting internal damage can be avoided. Cracks in external render coatings, gaps in walls around windows and doors, flashings lacking around roofs plus defective rainwater goods such as leaking/blocked gutters/downpipes and hoppers may all cause water intrusion.

Penetration of damp can be hugely damaging to a property, if not properly managed. This could lead to fungal rot, such as dry and wet rot attacks. In times of high humidity, hygroscopic salts can migrate into interior plaster finishes and cause isolated patches of dampness.

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Solutions for Damp Floors

What is Damp Proof Coursing?

Even when rising damp is reduced to a minimum, salts can still cause trace amounts of moisture to linger in the substrate. Brighton Damp Treatments will install a chemical DPC system as needed to tackle this issue. Injecting the chemical DPC into walls at regular intervals, we’ll ensure contaminated plaster is replaced and that any remaining moisture does not damage the decorative surface.

Expert Rendering Services

The damp-proof course prevents further humidity. Hygroscopic salts, transferred from the soil to the brickwork due to greater moisture, still draw in water, particularly during periods of high humidity. Where this is excessive, re-plastering is necessary. Brighton Damp Treatments has experienced plasterers and would be delighted to provide quotes for this job.

The amount of money spent by the group in the last financial year was an astonishingly large sum, totalling to a whopping $2.5 million! In the previous fiscal year, an incredible $2.5 million was disbursed by the group.

Cost-Effective Damp Proofing Solutions in Brighton

The cost of fixing a damp issue is determined by various factors, such as the size, architecture and material used in the property, as well as what caused it.

Ring us today to book a survey. Our skilled team will conduct a thorough assessment of the property so that you receive the most competitive quote. One of our courteous team members will be delighted to assist.

Benefits of Brighton Damp Treatments

Investigating and Treating Damp Issues

Brighton Damp Treatments specializes in damp proofing, waterproofing, timber preservation and other property-related damp issues. We carry out preliminary investigations which always culminate in a damp report – such as a damp survey, a damp and timber survey or a timber survey to identify any timber concerns arising from flaws in construction, defects or previous ineffective remedial work.

We carry out thorough, non-invasive surveys and inspections before providing a comprehensive written report with recommendations and instructions for corrective action. We can also estimate pricing for these works based on the findings of our investigation. Our aim is to make costs as transparent as possible so you feel confident in your decision.

Our Expert Team of Damp Treatment and Damp Proofing Specialists

At Brighton Damp Treatments, our staff are highly skilled and provide exemplary service with a welcoming attitude. From the initial survey to post-project consultation, we take pride in our expertise, professionalism and commitment to hard work – so you can be confident knowing you’re in good hands. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us:

Experts provide comprehensive damp and timber reports.

Surveyors who are fully qualified by the CSRT (Chartered Surveyor’s Regulatory Trust) can be employed. Members of the Property Care Association (PCA) are privileged to benefit from a plethora of support and resources. These include, but are not limited to, training courses, industry events and publications. Additionally, they have access to technical advice and guidance provided by experts in the field.

I recommend this company highly. They have been in business for 12 years, providing excellent service and products throughout that time.

  • A holistic approach to older structures is necessary.
  • You will receive a clean medical report.
  • Employees who are both amiable and polite;
  • Carry out swift surveys and present reports.
  • Client information is kept in the strictest confidence.

We offer no obligation site damp surveys so that you can get a better understanding of the state of your property. Such assessments provide an in-depth look at the condition of your walls and floors as well as any problems related to dampness. Our experts will also be able to advise on treatment options and answer any queries you might have about the process.

We provide no-obligation site damp surveys for those wanting more information about their property’s condition. This comprehensive assessment looks into wall and flooring issues, plus potential dampness problems. Our specialists are also available to discuss treatment solutions or answer questions regarding this procedure.

Get in touch with Brighton Damp Treatments today to speak with one of our specialists. We are available and eager to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate – call us now! For further information, call 01273 257765.

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