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At Brighton Damp Treatments, the first step in resolving dampness in your home is an inspection. Our damp proofing team will assess any genuine issues and propose effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Our moisture-proofing specialists can inspect your home, undertake a damp and timber survey, and advise on the ideal solution for repairs. As our experts are required to be approved by the Property Care Association (PCA), this is also true of any damp surveyor.

Brighton Damp Treatments provides an array of damp-proofing services and treatments, confident in our capacity to deliver cost-effective repairs with a XX-year guarantee.

You can count on our damp proofing professionals to conduct thorough assessments and provide the most reliable services, giving you assurance for the future. Our range of services includes rising damp treatment, basement waterproofing, dry rot control, timber treatments and other related expertise.

Our Guarantee

  • upto 30 year guarantee
  • customer focused team
  • 20 years combined experience
  • portfolio of satified customers
  • attention to detail
  • Construction line accreditation
  • public liability insurance
  • CHAS accreditation

Causes of Damp Walls

Increasing Humidity Levels

Walls that are damp generally signify high moisture levels within a building’s structure. Rising damp is one of the issues you may experience with respect to your property’s walls.

Groundwater penetrates a structure through capillary action, known as ‘rising damp’. Other forms of water entering or affecting the building can travel in different ways, but are not classed as rising damp. A chemical Damp Proof Course (DPC) is needed to treat this issue.

Rising damp is a widespread issue in many buildings and can be easily misdiagnosed. To ensure the problem is identified and remedied in the long-term, a specialist firm such as Brighton Damp Treatments should carry out an investigation and treatment.

How to Prevent Condensation in the Home

Humidity in many areas, particularly bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and bedrooms is often caused by condensation. This happens when warm moist air meets cold surfaces resulting in water collecting on the walls.

It’s also worth noting that the issue may arise from a distance from where the moisture originates. For example, water vapour generated in a kitchen or bathroom could spread throughout an entire home and settle on colder bedroom walls as condensation. This is especially true during cooler months when there is more humidity present in the air. It is noteworthy that Black Mould can only grow in pure water, such as condensation. Therefore, it does not indicate rising damp.

Investigating Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp can be one of the most damaging issues you may face at home. Commonly referred to as rain penetration, it is water that enters your house from outside sources. Our experienced damp-proofing team will identify and address the problem with cost-effective methods.

Identifying and Resolving Construction Flaws

Internal dampness can arise from a number of causes, including broken or absent mortar joints in exterior walls, degraded stone window sills, inadequate sealing around doors and windows, and inadequately maintained wooden doors and windows.

Identifying and Addressing Plumbing Problems

A little plumbing leak can cause a large, noticeable damp patch; the water may be trickling out in small amounts, but it is usually consistent and concentrated in one area. The spot absorbs more moisture than it can release because of the strong, persistent humidity and this extra seeps into adjacent areas.

Protect Your Home From Water Damage: Fix Your Leaky Gutters

If you’ve spotted a damp patch in your house or garden, it might be caused by faulty guttering. When gutters are blocked with dirt and grime, they can cause moisture to accumulate.

Diagnosing Damp on Inner Walls

In wet and windy conditions, inspect your roof for damp patches on the ceiling – these can be caused by a leak or condensation. Additionally, broken slates/tiles and any debris on the ground as well as daylight visible in lofts could indicate an issue with the roof.

Monitor your water bill to detect potential leaks. If it’s unusually high or you find yourself constantly refilling the tank, then there may be a leak.

When your home’s interior walls become moist, this creates the ideal environment for damp mould spores – the most hazardous type of spore. Certain varieties of damp mould can be life-threatening and are present in a shocking number of homes throughout Britain.

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Why Treat and Repair Inner Damp Walls with Damp Proofing Services?

Existing dampness in a property has many drawbacks which can damage the structure and harm the health of those living there. If not treated, mould will spread and cause harm to the building’s structure. Medical professionals advise that it is hazardous to breathe air contaminated with mould spores as this may lead to respiratory problems; these risks are increased for people already suffering from breathing disorders.

Can Damp Cause Structural Damage?

Moisture can put a building’s structural integrity in jeopardy. Mortar can weaken and crumble, leaving salt stains on the walls. Corrosion of steel and iron fasteners would further weaken the structure, potentially leading to plaster or mortar falling off an infected wall in extreme cases. Additionally, high levels of humidity promote wood fungus growth which leads to health issues and “sick building syndrome”. It also accelerates the deterioration of plaster, paint and wallpaper stripping.

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Damp Proofing Solutions for Walls

Investigating the source of dampness in walls is the first step to take. A thorough check of both inside and outside your home must be made to determine where moisture originates. It can be difficult to identify what needs looking for or which internal damp-proofing techniques and materials should be used if you don’t spot the cause.

At Brighton Damp Treatments, we offer a variety of damp-proofing solutions, all of which come with their own set of advantages. We strive to keep your building free from any form of moisture.

Protecting Your Home with a Damp Proof Course (DPC)

A DPC helps to control rising damp by stopping the capillary action’s moisture from damaging walls.

Benefits of Utilizing Damp Proof Membranes (DPM)

A damp proof membrane (DPM) is a tool for preventing moisture from entering a structure. It does this by placing a polyethene film beneath concrete to regulate humidity. This coating shields against water and rain, as well as containing cement like shotcrete which is resistant to moisture, water, and pressure. Pressure grouting plugs any gaps in masonry walls while hollow walls create an air-gap between inner and outer walls to keep out water.

Benefits of Water Storage Tanks

Cementitious tanking is primarily used for basements, tanks and tunnels below ground level. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, brick, stone and stonework. The damp proofing is applied to the internal façade of the structure.

Renovating Plaster Walls

To lessen dampness that permeates the walls of some homes, one technique is to employ renovating plaster. This is a prepackaged lightweight backing plaster akin to 1:1:6 render (cement: lime: sand); however, instead of sand it contains Perlite aggregate, making it light and easy to work with.

Protect Your Home from Damp with Painting

Using damp-proof paint is another way to help keep your home dry. This paint is non-toxic and serves as a moisture barrier. Generally, it’s thick and comes in black or white. You may also hear it referred to as water-resistant or damp resistant paint. Once you’ve applied the paint, no more stains will appear on your walls; this type of paint also stops mould from developing, which can lead to health problems like respiratory difficulties.

Act Now to Address Damp Wall Issues!

If you find moisture in your home, act quickly; otherwise, the occupants and structure can face serious repercussions. Dampness not only causes a visual nuisance, but it can also cause significant structural damage to the building and threaten its stability if left untreated. Moreover, research suggests that it may exacerbate respiratory issues in people with existing conditions.

If your home exhibits dampness, no matter the cause, get in touch with our damp proofing experts without delay.

If not monitored, damp can lead to various problems in the structure, among them:

  • Peeling paint is a common sight and can be an eyesore. It is important to address this issue as soon as possible, since it may worsen over time.
  • Peeling paint can be an unsightly nuisance. Prompt attention should be paid to tackle this problem before it worsens with time. Dry rot and wet rot are both forms of rotten wood.

The plaster in the walls is crumbling.

The floorboards and skirting boards are warped. Fasteners and rusty steel. The fasteners were rusted, corroding the steel.

Reach out to Brighton Damp Treatments for trusted counsel and a comprehensive plan of action to handle any damp-related problem. Our damp proofing specialists will evaluate your building’s state and suggest the most cost-effective remedy for the issue at hand.

Brighton Damp Treatments: Affordable Damp Proofing Solutions

The amount to repair a damp issue is calculated based on several factors such as the size, design, and cause of the dampness in addition to the materials used.

Call our highly trained team to arrange a survey: one of our amiable members will inspect the property and evaluate the situation thoroughly before giving you an economical quote.

Solving Damp Problems in Brighton: Effective Treatments

Our team boasts a decade of experience providing damp proofing in and around Brighton. If you’re having issues with damp, please call our knowledgeable specialists on 01273 920588 to arrange an inspection.

One of our CSRT and CSSW-educated surveyors will thoroughly evaluate the property and provide a report, cost estimation, and advice in accordance with our regulations.

Our damp proofing specialists possess considerable expertise in handling all sorts of damp problems, including dry rot and woodworm, wet rot, wood decay, basement waterproofing, interior moisture issues, rainwater ingress and condensation management in both commercial and domestic properties.

Benefits of Brighton Damp Treatments

We uphold high standards in damp proofing, re-plastering, wood preservation and conducting damp surveys. Our expertise ensures quality results.

For all your damp proofing requirements, our team is ready to provide you with tailored, efficient and reliable service. Whether it be a home, local authority, small business or commercial property – give us a call on 01273 920588 to discuss your needs.

Benefits of Brighton Damp Treatments

Qualified surveyors are responsible for providing accurate assessments of land and property. They must evaluate the size, condition, and value of properties in order to provide clients with a reliable estimate. Surveyors must have an intimate knowledge of local regulations pertaining to land use, zoning ordinances, and building codes in order to make informed decisions.

Qualified surveyors are tasked with providing precise appraisals of lands and real estate. These professionals assess size, state, and worthiness so as to give customers dependable estimates. It is necessary that they possess deep understanding about local laws relating to land usage as well as zoning orders and building standards when making judgements.

Our team of certified technicians offer outstanding service. Every technician is highly proficient and extensively trained to guarantee that all our customers receive the best care possible. We have more than two decades of collective experience.

30-Year Guarantee

For your security, we guarantee all of our work. Furthermore, we are part of the Guarantee Protection Scheme, a separate insurance policy that extends the length of your warranty if you choose to acquire it.

A Site Damp Survey with no commitment is available. The survey includes a comprehensive analysis of the damp condition, along with detailed reports and recommendations for treatment. The charge for the service is £100 plus VAT per hour, with an optional fee for any additional works that may be required once the survey has been completed.

Contact Brighton Damp Treatments today to talk to an expert. Get your damp issues solved quickly and efficiently by our knowledgeable staff. For further information, please call 01273 920588. If you require additional information, do not hesitate to telephone 01273 920588.

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